Becoming a Person of Excellence


Becoming a Person of Excellence


Confront the Spirit of Mediocrity and Failure.
Be the Best You Could Ever Be!

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When God calls a person to be a leader, He puts His highest demand upon his life for excellence in character as well as in performance. Leaders with a vision for excellence are motivated to excel in spite of all the odds and obstacles along the way.  Their minds are sealed with holy determination to bulldoze their way through thick and thin, regardless of how rough the road may be.

If a leader does not perform his best when it matters the least, how can he excel when it matters the most?  The leader who strives for excellence will always exceed the highest quality his means allows him in everything.

No leader ever reaches excellence without judging himself by God's standard on a constant basis.  Excellent leaders are high quality people who are always developing progressively towards God's highest standard of royal excellence.  Excellent leaders produce excellent followers who will accomplish excellent results for the glory of God.

Dr. John Chacha has indeed excelled in his aim to focus our eyes on Jesus who led the way of excellence, in being and doing the will of the Father, God give us leaders who will follow in the footsteps of the Master in our generation, so the Church may rise and gain momentum in exemplifying His sovereign grace.

-Dr. Costa S. Deir