Equipping Christian Leaders for Ministry


Equipping Christian Leaders for Ministry


Principles For Building Strong and
Effective Leaders and Their Ministries

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The Lord has blessed my husband, John N. Chacha, with a powerful ability to communicate through the printed page. Through Teamwork Ministries, he has been able to reach and train thousands of Christian leaders in many nations especially in the Third World. He equips these leaders to be established in their ministries.

Now, John Chacha draws on years of experience in the ministry to bring you this handbook for Christian leaders. It is for every leader that wants to make their ministry better and more productive. It is for those that want to become what God wants them to be: leaders of excellence that shine like steel.

This book:

  • puts you on the trail to a pursuit of character, integrity, and spiritual authority.

  • gives practical advice in areas such as church discipline, counseling, spiritual burnout, finances, and more.
  • is inspiring, wise revealing, provoking, and of solid quality.

-Regina Chacha


Please note: This item is now printed as an 8.5" x 11" spiral bound book and may look different from the item pictured.