Failure Is Not An Option


Failure Is Not An Option


How To Position Yourself For Success
and Victory In Christ

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If you are read to put failure behind you and see your life transformed, then this book is for you. In these chapters, Dr. Chacha shares important keys to help you find your path of success, push your limits higher, and fulfill God's purpose for your life. His moving personal experiences show first-hand how the power of God can turn one's life completely around. Failure Is Not An Option in Your Life will help you:

  • improve your life.

  • achieve your goals.

  • realize your full potential.

  • eradicate failure, and deepen your walk with God.

No matter who you are or what you are going through, you have residing within you God-given ability to accomplish more than you every dreamed possible. Failure need no longer be an option in your life.