Prayer Power!


Prayer Power!


Moving Mountains Through Prayer

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If you are ready to embark on a new spiritual adventure, Prayer Power is your book!

  • It will help you to tap into God's riches and blessings.

  • It will refresh your spirit and energize your faith.

  • It will help to bring new life and vitality into your prayer life.

  • It will help to bring you into a higher spiritual realm where you can live above natural circumstances.

This book can bring about a total transformation of your life through the power of prayer.

Dr. John Chacha portrays a believer who dares to move mountains of impossibility; a believer who refuses to bow to pressures and circumstances; a believer who dares to face the enemy without fear; a believer who knows his rights as a child of God.

Countless testimonies have come from people whose lives have been touched as a result of reading the earlier editions of this book.  If you apply the practicality within its pages, your life will not be an exception.  You will realize a powerful connection between prayer and your daily life as you experience PRAYER POWER!