Total Life Management


Total Life Management


Discover Powerful Principles That Will Transform Every Area Of Your Life

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The first edition of this book became an overnight best seller and continues to be one of the most requested books by Dr. John N. Chacha.  We have received thousands of testimonies from people who have succeeded in life despite limitations, poor environments and disadvantages, as a result of reading this book and applying the powerful principles in it. The principles of Total Life Management will:

  • Open new vistas and give new meaning to your life.

  • Help you understand your priorities, resources and abilities.  It will give you the foundation on which to build or rebuild your finances, your self-esteem, your destiny, your spiritual life and other important areas of your life.

  • Help you become a better
        - student or teacher
        - follower or leader
        - husband or wife
        - father or mother

  • Help you learn how to evaluate yourself and maximize your potential.

  • Provide you with workable principles for a productive and meaningful Christian life.  It is word-based and Jesus-centered.